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 • 3x higher cycling resistance

 • Longer lifetime in all weather conditions

 • High cranking power even when charge is low

 • 100% leak and spill proof

 • 100% maintenance free

 • Made in Germany

 • Increased charging acceptance

 • Advanced start and stop systems

Product Description


The AGM TECHNOLOGY or «absorbent glass mat » is made of absorbent glass microfiber separators that retain the electrolyte and limit the loss of active mass. This composition helps to avoid acid stratification, the main cause of failure for vehicles equipped with many electrical consumers (like luxury and emergency vehicles for instance).

It also ensures high resistance to cycling and vibrations, which is particularly needed for applications such as taxi and intensive use in urban areas, where restarts are numerous but the recharging process between every restart cannot be fully fulfilled



EFB technology uses a polyester special scrim in the separator to hold the active mass into the plate.

This innovative design reduces the loss of active mass and provides a higher cycling resistance than conventional batteries.

For an intensive or daily urban use, this technology increases the lifetime of the battery.





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