The 4,250 kg Rammer 5011 PRO is based on the field proven Rammer 5011 hammer and shares with it many key features that have established that unit as one of the most popular hammers in the world.

These standard Rammer 5011 features are backed by a range of enhancements that help the 5011 PRO withstand extreme working conditions. The unit benefits from a sealed housing structure that prevents the ingress of dust and dirt, thereby extending the working life of both the hammer and the tool. A top cover plate has sealed through apertures for stump hydraulic hoses and features sealed hose connections for grease, air and water. The hammer has a sturdy housing design and wear resistant wear plates that make it perfect for horizontal working duties in applications such as tunneling.

Product Description

Minimum working weight: 4750 KG Input Power: 108 kW ( 145hp)
Impact rate (Long stroke): 370-530 bpm Short stroke: 450-620 bpm
Operating pressure: 160-170 bar Oil flow range: 280-380 l/min
Tool diameter: 190 mm Optimum carrier weight: 45-69 t