AV 110X T2 Articulated Tandem Roller

A unique propulsion system powers the Ammann AV 110 X Tier 2 Articulated Tandem Roller, helping it efficiently deliver the weight and vibration necessary to achieve optimum compaction results.

Key to the propulsion system is location of the power train in the rear frame. In addition, independent pumps for drive and vibration provide optimal traction and compaction force. A combination of drum dimensions, frequencies and amplitudes also help deliver results.

The roller has two frames connected by a double joint that enable crab steering on each side. The crab steering provides increased compaction output and responsiveness, crucial on any jobsite.

Product Description


  • Integrated ROPS/FOPS
  • Excellent view to drum surface, edges and sprinkling system
  • Rotating/sliding seat
  • 2 drive levers for easy operation
  • Cabin isolated from heat and vibration
  • 2 amplitudes and frequencies
  • Balanced drum dimensions
  • Reliable, long-life vibration system
  • Large water tanks
  • Independent, double-pump system drum drives
  • Excellent traction, even in difficult terrain
  • Double joint enables crab steering
  • Steering angle and compact design for manoeuvrability
  • Convenient access to service points and fluid ports