LUX M1 is equipped with an integrated generator, it comes with 4X1000W metal halide floodlights mounted on a galvanized vertical telescopic mast with manual lifting system.

This product fits for those who are looking for a reliable and strong machine capable to provide high performances thanks to the latest technologies that allow to take advantage of the combustion engine potential.


Product Description

Advantages & applications

LUX M1 is a sturdy and long-lasting machine, reliable over time.

Every Luxtower lighting tower undergoes a detailed machining that makes it unique overview:

The metal body is first galvanized and then powder coated with polyester to avoid corrosion. Furthermore, the same bodywork is equipped with a double asymmetrical air vents to prevent annoying jams. The vertical mast is also galvanized and equipped with anti-shock plastic pads. Both control panels and projectors have plug & play system for an easier replacement in case of damage.

Both small tools and up to 3 LUX C10 in series and can be connected to 3 kVA auxiliary socket.


LUX M1 is suitable for outdoor applications and for wide areas:

  • Construction sites
  • Rental companies
  • Extraction sites
  • Events