Meguin Oil Safe

Characteristic data
Color / appearance gelb, klar / yellow, clear
Appearance / properties viskose Flüssigkeit / viscous
Density at 20 °C 0,896 g/cm³
DIN 51757
Viscosity at 20 °C 1299 mPas
DIN 51398
Flash point 76 °C
DIN ISO 2592
Pour point -5 °C
DIN ISO 3016
Form pastös, flüssig / pastelike,
Odor charakteristisch /
One 250ml can of Oil Safe is sufficient for 3.5 litres of motor
oil. The product can be added at any time. After adding, run
the engine until warm. Sealing first takes effect
after about 800km. To guarantee a lasting effect, add Oil
Safe after each oil change.
Not suitable for use on motorbikes with wet clutches!

Product Description

Rejuvenates rubber and plastic engine seals and reduces oil
consumption via the piston rings and valve guides; counteracts the loss in viscosity of motor oils. Stop the polluting oil
stains on the street and in the garage. For all gasoline and
diesel engines: Compatible with all commercially available
motor oils


– prevents blue, smoky exhaust fumes
– reduces oil consumption
– prevents oil spots and pollution of the environment
– maintains and regenerates rubber and plastic seals
– reduces engine noise
– remedies leaks at shrunken or porous seal