Meyerlub – Anderol

Anderol® synthetic lubricants, used for many years in the Italian and World markets, exhibit properties and performance that rank them as “Market Leader” in industrial lubrication of:

  • Air and Gas Compressors
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • High temperature Bearings and Chains
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • General Lubrication
  • Gearboxes and Transmissions
  • Special Grease Lubrication



Product Description

The Anderol® range includes “Food-grade” products and Biodegradable lubricants with “long-life” performance.
Anderol® “Food-grades” enjoy NSF Registration in Categories H1, 3H and H3; they are recommended for machinery lubrication in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, animal-feed industries and in the associated package manufacturing activities.

Based on many years of market presence, capillary penetration and full understanding of end users requirements, MEYERLUBhas developed a full range of products, specifically tailored to the Italian market, to fully meet all Industrial, Automotive and Earth Moving needs. For the same reasons, MEYERLUB has been able to create a complete range of auxiliary products for industrial maintenance, such as special detergents, solvents, spray-can specialties, anti-seizing compounds, additives, etc.

In all applications Anderol® special lubricants provide very attractive cost/benefits ratios and are at the top in advanced technology lubrication.