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SAVA is one of the largest and most successful tire manufacturers in Central Europe providing a wide range of passenger car, SUV, Light Truck & Truck Tires. SAVA roots have spread from the small land of Slovenia to embrace Europe as one and even beyond. SAVA is a product of Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company, 100% powered by Goodyear Technology.

Depending on conditions of use and maintenance, SAVA truck tire casing can give each tire multiple life, thanks to RCS (Reinforced Carcass Structure) Technology, that improves the tire endurance and the possibility of use in adverse driving conditions.

When buying SAVA tires, you know that you are making a quality choice, that is rooted in European heritage and driven by Goodyear technology. SAVA quality comes at reasonable price with good tire performance, that gives you reassurance that you have made a cost-saving purchase with peace-of-mind.