Supernova 250 KVA TO 650 KVA

  • Equipped with VOLVO EICHER engine
    • Natural aspiration
    • Mechanical governor
  • Coupled with Stamford alternator
    • Class H (120 ºC)
    • DSE controller


Product Description

Available Models

  • SVE 15KVA
  • SVE 30KVA
  • SVE 40KVA
  • SVE 62.5KVA
  • Country of shipment:
    • INDIA
  • In SUPERNOVA range we can supply DG Set with different engines starting from:
    • 15kva equipped with COOPER engine
    • 30kva up to 160 kva with VOLVO EICHER engines
    • 200kva up to 700kva with VOLVO PENTA engine
    • 200kva up to 2500kva with PERKINS engine
  • Different enclosure type
    • Acoustic enclosure (closed type)
    • Open type
    • Container type (for bigger rating)
  • For bigger rating, the DG set can be customized according to the client’s needs
  • Can comply with the most known construction and safety standards
  • Very competitive prices in PERKINS range.