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  • Equipped with Eicher engine
    • Turbocharged
    • Electronic governor
  • Coupled with LEROY SOMER
    • Class H (120 ºC)
  • DSE controller
    • AMF (Auto Mains Failure Control Panel
    • Battery charger


Product Description

Available Models

  • VEC 100KVA
  • Country of shipment:
    • INDIA
  • In VOLVO EICHER range we can supply DG Set starting from 30kva up to 160 kva
  • Special enclosure type
    • Can operate up to 55 ºC in closed condition
    • Better design for enhanced ventilation
    • Easy maintenance points
  • VOLVO Eicher engine benefits
    • Form 30kva to 82.5kva engine is Natural aspirated with mechanical governor
    • 100kva and above, engine is Turbocharged with Electronic governor
    • Equipped with inline Bosh fuel pump
    • High performance
    • Less fuel consumption
    • Service interval up to 500 hours (service cost efficiency)
    • Block loading capacity Can take up to 70% (jerk load for inductive load)
    • Lesser vibration and sound attenuation up to 75 db up to 1 meter
      • Enhancement in stroke length
      • Improvement of cylinders QTY to reinforce the engine capacity
      • 24 month or 4000 hours for the engine
    • Alternator, LEROY SOMER
      • Class H





Volvo Eicher